About Andrea

Andrea Murray (2)

Andrea Murray’s love of English didn’t begin until high school. In fact, in elementary school, she hated reading and never read a book unless she was forced to read. She found her joy as a ninth grader when she began reading classic short stories like “The Most Dangerous Game” and “The Cask of Amontillado”. After that, she knew she wanted to study English and teach kids like her who weren’t entirely thrilled with English.

She graduated valedictorian of her high school class in the same little town where she still lives and earned a BSE in English and an MA in English from Arkansas State University, where she also earned honors as the Outstanding BSE graduate in English. Andrea has now been teaching English for twenty years. She’s taught journalism, freshmen composition, every level of junior high and high school English, and Pre-AP and AP literature. Andrea is also a two-time teacher of the year.

She lives in Arkansas with Chris, her high school sweetheart and husband of twenty-two years; their two children, Olivia and Wyatt; and their rambunctious German Shepherd, Claus, in a possibly haunted house. She co-coaches her daughter’s two-time state champion Odyssey of the Mind team when she isn’t chauffeuring her son to Cub Scouts. She loves Victorian British literature focused on that when earning her MA. Her first true love is historical romance. She can remember sneaking my mother’s trashy romance novels when she was a young teenager and reading while mother was grocery shopping. Her favorites were always the Medieval and pirate stories, but she also loves young adult literature and just about anything paranormal. She’s a proud Mensan and is addicted to television. When she isn’t watching bad science fiction movies, she spends her time reading.

In addition to her young adult paranormal romance series The Vivid Trilogy, she has written The Omni Duology, a young-adult dystopian duo.