Book Review: Light Fantastique by Cecilia Dominic

I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Mysterious notes, freaky phantoms, secret passageways, steam-punk automatons—this LightFantastique72webbook has it all! In this thriller, the reader is surrounded by intrigue and suspense. Mystery and history lovers, this is one you’ll likely enjoy. It isn’t heavy on romance, but it also isn’t light on plot. In fact, the plot becomes quite complicated while maintaining a drama that was like a movie I didn’t want to end. Set in Paris during the Prussian siege, the city, and especially the theater, become characters in their own right. It was like a twisted game of Clue (but with a French accent)! 

Another draw of this novel is the paranormal aspect present in the abilities of Marie and Iris. These abilities cause unique complications in the storyline and kept me wondering. I did get a little tired of Marie’s worries over her powers, but that didn’t dampen my enjoyment of the novel.

Being a lover of romance (pun intended), I wanted to see more of the blossomings between Johan and Marie, but never fear, my fellow amour groupies. There is enough to keep you hanging on. Their affection is sweet and mildly steamy. 

My biggest problem with the novel—this is a sequel, and unfortunately, author Cecilia Dominic doesn’t give a lot of background to clarify pre-events.  I had difficulty following some events and comments, and a number of things were left hanging. I was frustrated for a third of the novel with the lack of explanation, but once I finally stopped worrying about it and just read, it was a big “thumbs up”!

4.5 Stars

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