Book Review: To Lure a Proper Lady by Ashlyn Macnamara

I cannot praise this book highly enough! If you love historical romances, you cover82875-mediummust read this novel.  The love story is wound tightly and expertly throughout the perplexity of the duke’s mysterious illness. There are just enough tantalizing scenes to break up the maze of this Victorian Clue. Everyone’s a suspect in this whodunit.

Lizzie is a smart, strong female protagonist with a clear voice. Dysart is the typical kind-hearted bad boy those fans of the genre will book crush on.  After hiring the devilish Dysart, Lizzie finds another riddle in the life story of her dashing hero, which adds another layer to this well-written thriller.  Lizzie’s sisters are boldly painted, and I wonder if they will be characters in future novels of the series. If so, sign me up!

The novel’s pacing is brisk enough to keep the reader wondering without that typical “slag” in many historical romances, and while some might say the novel is light on history, I found that another enticement. It keeps the reader from being bogged down my extraneous info while maintaining the historical setting in a way that show “real life” for women of the ton.

I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed.

5 Stars

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