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A little courtesy, please!

screwed2_01On Friday at 6:00 PM, Booktrope announced it will be ceasing operations. It was devastating news to hundreds of authors, designers, managers, editors, and proof readers. It was like a bomb dropped on us all. We weren’t really given reasons just that effective May 31, 2016, our novels will be pulled.


All that work and effort, creating teams, proofing, and editing, and that’s all we get? Supposedly, we will be given more info in the days to come, but they decided alerting us on a Friday afternoon with a completely debilitating post on FB and an email was all we deserved? It was like a breakup text message for goodness sake! The kind that leads to homicidal thoughts involving sharp instruments and sensitive body parts. How about a little prep? How about a few emails about concerns with the company before shoving a knife in our backs?

We all realized going into our contracts that we were taking a risk with the innovative platform they proposed, but now we are left scrambling to retrieve all files. Those of us with consciences feel the need to compensate our teams and “buy out” their portions in order to have complete ownership of the final copies, covers and all, and I can’t complain about that. My team is amazing, and if I decide to self-pub again, I’ll definitely hook up with them all again. But geez!

What has happened to professional courtesy? One “official” posted a scathing post on her FB page basically blaming authors and teams for not promoting enough. Really? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen her post a promo! Most us post several times a week, especially during promotions and even for other BT authors. We take our time (what little is left after working full time, taking care of our kids, managing our homes–What am I forgetting? OH yeah, sleeping!) to cross-post, re-post, tweet, RT, maintain a website–You get the picture.

On top of all that, there is talk of some missing funds, BIG missing funds, like millions. According to this high-up official, everyone on staff was paid after a huge grant came through. Did those of us sweating and bleeding over our keyboards receive any? Uhm, not this one at least.

The one positive in all of this? They’ve created an amazing community of artists who now are united more than ever to help each other over this cluster and pull through even more successfully than before! I’m with you exTroperLove. We will rise again, without the BT label and better for it!

Thank you all, but most of all thank you to my team. You are the best!

Fed Up!

Land of the Free (but only if you are unemployed?)

My son is sick. I thought it was just a cold and would run its course in a few days, so I have postponed taking him to the doctor for a few days because my Arkansas school-employee insurance is so awful that every doctor bill and/or prescription comes from my own pocket, more specifically my HSA. Friday morning, my mother kindly agreed to take him to the doctor so that I could go to work. As it turns out, he has the flu–yes, I feel completely guilty for not taking him sooner, but when she messaged and told me, I hoped that it wasn’t too late for a dose of Tamiflu and maybe a dose for the other three members of the family as well.

I received two “call me now” texts within about five minutes after she arrived at the pharmacy. When I could finally step out into the hall and call her, I was shocked and horrified. One dose of Tamiflu was going to cost me $500! Are you kidding me? I don’t know with whom I’m more angry–the company selling the drug or the state of Arkansas for not providing better care of a vital part of the economy. I’m a teacher for goodness sake! It would be really interesting to see how well the state, or the country for that matter, would run without us going to work daily. And what about all of you? Those of us who make the daily wheels turn deserve better treatment.

This makes me fume at the entire governmental system. We have a country that basically rewards citizens for being unemployed. If I were in a lower-income family with my hand out, I could have gotten this medicine for free. Because I choose to go to work and provide for my family through honest, diligent employment, my seven-year-old son can’t get the medicine he needs. What if it were more than the flu? What if (God forbid) it were a serious injury or medical condition? Because I’m a teacher with horrible insurance, my family must suffer. Luckily, a friend of mine was able to help with the situation and decrease the amount some so that I could purchase the meds at a more reasonable cost, but what if she hadn’t helped me out?

Don’t misunderstand me. I do care about those in need, and I see it on a daily basis, but come on! I didn’t come from a wealthy family, and I know a lot of people just like myself, people who pulled themselves out of their situations to do something with their lives, people who’ve made responsible family choices. My husband and I chose not to have children until we were in a better financial state and could provide for them. Yes, we have decent jobs, and yes, bad things sometimes happen to everyone. Job loss and unexpected children happen, but staying on a system that rewards irresponsibility and sloth is wrong. I’m normally not a political person, but I can assure you that my vote this election season will be for whomever wants to overhaul the current state of our nation.

What is wrong with this system, folks?

Would you?

I’m a huge fan of Investigation Discovery, the ID channel. I watch if even if I’m not really watching it. I turn it on when I clean, grade papers, or even when I write. I’m not sure why, but watching these shows about police investigations just appeals to me. I’m not so certain my husband and kids appreciate my addiction. In fact, I think it might actually concern my hubby more than he lets on. My daughter and I were watching something totally unrelated one day when a commercial advertising one of these shows came on. The commercial said, “My mom could murder our whole family and get away with it.” When it went off, my daughter turned to me and said, “Hey, Mom, that’s you!” I laughed but felt a little bad about it afterward. Is it normal to like these shows? It must be pretty common; otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many of these shows, not to mention a whole channel, dedicated to them.

I think I like the notion that “good” can overcome “evil,” but maybe it’s more than that. As a fiction writer, I find these real-life stories riveting. I guess the old saying about truth being stranger than fiction holds true, and every time I watch a show, I’m horrified and fascinated all at the same time. It’s like rubber-necking on a case that might have taken twenty years instead of twenty minutes to solve.

I recently watched a show where killers’ family members were interviewed. The one common thread was their disbelief that their brother, husband, father was capable of such brutal behavior. Everyone was so shocked. How can people be so duplicitous that those people who know them best never imagined the carnage happening right under their noses? It’s frightening, darn near debilitating.

So, my question is if these family members had magically known when little Johnny was ten that he’d grow up to kill twenty-seven people, what would they have done? Would you do something if you knew your brother was going to kill someone ten years from now? I think on the surface we all say, “Of course!” But would you?

A 4-Star Review for Contra!

“Overall I recommend this series to anyone who likes a good romance that spans across centuries! As well, this is such a unique reimagining of Greek myths, so if you like those, you will like this. Murray should rewrite more Greek myths in this world — I would definitely buy and read all of them.”

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