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1 month ago

Andrea Murray Author
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4 months ago

Andrea Murray Author

Dear Samsung,
I searched for the perfect Chromebook for my daughter, an aspiring artist who wanted a computer on which she could draw. After much research, I decided on the Samsung Chromebook Pro.

I waited for the Chromebook Pro to go on sale for what felt like an eternity so that it would be more affordable. I still paid over $500 (with shipping and taxes). After a week of waiting for delivery, I have not received it. I have now spoken to customer service four times. (I think. I may have lost count after the excessive time spent navigating the automated system.)

No one could track it, probably because they couldn't figure out that USPS, not UPS was the shipper. After I--NOT SAMSUNG--discovered this error (AND CALLED AGAIN), I was told it will be investigated, and I might receive a refund in SEVEN days.

Seven days! Samsung, you mis-shipped it, not I. This was a Christmas gift for my child, and while $500 may be nothing to you, it is a great deal to me. Every appliance in my kitchen is a Samsung; my television (which is broken right now BTW) is a Samsung, and my phone is a Samsung, and you are going to make me wait seven days for a refund when you messed up? The multi-billion dollar corporation is going to make the teacher/mother who was unfortunate enough to order from your website wait SEVEN days before she can order her child another Christmas gift? Ridiculous!

I may be only one person, and this may do no good, but I will be sharing this on my pages and asking everyone I know to share it as well.
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