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Dragon Moon Press Bundle Giveaway

Like FREE? Enter and you could win SIX novels from DMP authors, Kathleen Nelson, Andrea Murray, and Jennifer Rahn.

Meet Kathleen H. Nelson

Kathleen H. Nelson lives in Northern California with her husband and a Belgian Tervuren. When she’s not writing, she likes to read, cook, play pool, scuba dive, listen to live music, and tipple with friends. Her favorite place in the world is Melbourne, Australia. Her favorite dive destination is Belize. She is currently working on a new urban fantasy series called ‘The Dragon Manifestos’. Look for Book 1, ‘A Conspiracy of Drakes’ this fall at all of your favorite on-line book stores.

Daughter of Dragons: Book One of the Taziem Chronicles (Audiobook)

If you love dragons, you will love this best-selling series!

Taziem is a magnificent dragon: sexy, magical, intelligent. Like other dragons, she hoards diamonds, but unlike other dragons, she covets knowledge as well. So when the local villagers offer her one of their maidens as a sacrifice, she decides to take it home and study it so she might learn all there is to know about humans. The girl is fearless and smart, and quickly becomes Taziem’s protégé. She grows up with the she-dragon’s latest brood of dragonets, who know her as their runty sister, Lathwi. Lathwi’s sole ambition is to dwell with Taziem and learn dragon magic, but eventually it comes time for Taziem to breed again and she banishes Lathwi from her territory. As Lathwi struggles to find a foothold in the now-unfamiliar world of men, she stumbles onto a sorcerer’s nefarious plot to revive dragonkind’s ancient nemesis. She withstands the blackheart’s magical attacks and an onslaught of demons, but knows that she cannot prevent the impending apocalypse on her own. She must seek out Taziem even though she knows that her foster-mother and her human-hating mate will probably kill her for the intrusion.

The Dragon Reborn: Book Two of the Taziem Chronicles (Audiobook)

Taziem and Lathwi are back in a new adventure. And the stakes have never been higher.

In the five years since the downfall of Malcolm Blackheart and his dark Mistress, Taziem has led a life free of human complications. Then her fosterling, Lathwi, intrudes with dire news. Someone is murdering young dragons! Lathwi cannot track the dragon-slayers down herself, for she has already promised to help her former mentor, Pawl of Compara, banish a plague of ghosts that is driving his countrymen insane. The hunt thus falls to Taziem. She sets out in human form, guided by Luke, an envoy from the Dowager Queen of the Wandering Tribes. The dowager and the dragon form an unlikely alliance. Together, they venture into the badlands of the south to combat an ambitious warlord and his deranged necromage. 

Meet Jennifer Rahn

Jennifer Rahn is a Senior Research Associate currently working in the field of brain cancer. Her publications include four novels, ten short stories, and a handful of scientific papers. She lives in Calgary with her husband and daughter.

Wicked Initiations (Ebook)

Vladdir, King of the underground Temlochti State, is cast out into the Desert when his kingdom is invaded by Aragoths — strange soldiers controlled by the Sorcerer Ilet, who has made no demands and is destroying everything without reason.

On the brink of losing everything, Vladdir gives in to a curse that fills him with cannibalistic desires, and gains him access to the capricious, dark magic of the Desert. With his new powers, he overwhelms the nearly indestructible Aragoths — but finds that Ilet was not the Aragoth commander at all. His true enemy is the mysterious Desert Priest, who taps into Vladdir’s curse to ensure the King will never know peace, and to make him pay for the near obliteration of the Aragoths with all he holds dear. 

There is only one way out — to set free the Pure Continuance of the King who roamed the Desert before him.

The Longevity Thesis (Ebook)

Apprenticed to the Graduate Supervisor from Hell…

Born and orphaned in the Desert, Antronos was subjected to dark magic that force-merged him with reptiles. Considered exotic by some, repulsive by others, he finds acceptance and respect in the underground civilization of the Temlochti State when he earns the right to practise medicine. Wishing to further his achievement, he enters a graduate program studying longevity. 

Duped into an act of murder, Antronos must fight to prevent more harm to his rich and powerful clientele—some of whom he feels connected to, perhaps from a previous life. Desperate to prevent losing the family he never knew he had, Antronos must outsmart Sen Vernus, the most devious and evil professor in the University’s history, and unravel a curse that has spanned generations.

Can Antronos resist the will of Sen Vernus? Can he stop the spread of evil?

Meet Andrea Murray

Andrea Murray doesn’t consider herself a writer. She likes to think of herself as a teacher with a writing problem. She has an M.A. in English, and for the past twenty-two years, she has taught junior high and high school English, including concurrent credit for freshman composition and sophomore literature. In 2010, a group of students inspired her to write her first real novel, which turned into the Vivid Trilogy followed by the Omni Duology, both currently published by Dragon Moon Press. When she’s not co-coaching an Odyssey of the Mind team or teaching, she also reviews novels for Chanticleer Book Reviews. She is a Darrell Award Finalist, Book Country’s About the Book Runner-up, and a semi-finalist for the 2018 Danti Rossetti Award, and the 2018 CIBA Paranormal Book Award. 

(Vengeance not included in giveaway)

Vivid: Book One of the Vivid Trilogy (Audiobook)

Sixteen-year-old Vivian Cartwright fears her power and its connection to her mother’s murder.

Vivian only wants a normal life, a chance to graduate high school, hang out with her friend Abby, and find a cute boy to break her heart.  However, her extraordinary abilities leave her feeling like a mutant supervillain instead of a normal teenager. From electricity to brain waves, Vivian can control energy, but after watching her mother die at the hands of a mysterious man who seemed to be seeking her for those abilities, she has kept her power a secret from everyone except her guardian, Charlotte, who has hidden both Vivian and her paranormal gift.

Tucked away in a small town, Vivian and her secret are safe until she defends herself at school using her power. After this first use of her gift in many years, Vivian’s power seems to take on a mind of its own, drawing her inexplicably to Easton, a new boy in her school, while giving her dreams of her mother’s death and the man associated with it.

In her desire to unlock her past, Vivian is forced to use her supernatural gift over and over. With each use, Vivian fears she is losing control and discovers her powers are growing—maybe too much—bringing her unknowingly closer to her mother’s murderer.

Vicious: Book Two of the Vivid Trilogy (Audiobook)

In this exciting sequel to Vivid, seventeen-year-old Vivian Cartwright must face the past she can’t outrun.

After Charlotte is killed by the same mysterious man who caused her mother’s death, Vivian flees to protect Abby and Easton, knowing that if she stays, Hoyt will return. Vowing to find the father she’s never seen, she spends months on the road, trying to move on with her lonely life and the gift she never wanted while searching for answers to why she has been cursed with her power.

Vivian’s running doesn’t diminish the uncanny, paranormal bond between Easton and her. This connection literally brings him walking through the door of the diner where Vivian works, but their bittersweet reunion is short-lived when Hoyt, her black-eyed nemesis, kidnaps Abby and Cooper. 

Hoyt gives Vivian no alternative; she must join his secret organization to keep her friends alive, but she is only one of several gifted teenagers belonging to a corrupt group called the Liaisons. Through Hoyt’s training, she discovers she has more abilities than she ever dreamed. She joins with Wyck, a sinfully handsome twin and computer genius. Together, she and her unlikely ally discover the truth about the organization and its strange connection to her family. However, unlocking the secrets behind the lies will lead to the biggest betrayal of all.

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