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Guest Blog Post: My Little Boogeyman by Kelly Hess

Halloween is by far my son’s favorite holiday, beating out even the gift-giving extravaganza of Christmas. I can still remember his joy the first time we took him to one of the Halloween stores in town when he was maybe four. He’s always been a creative kid, and I could see the wheels turning in his head as he walked through the store seeking the most frightening item that would scare the pants off the neighborhood kids.

Over the years, we’ve accumulated a garage full of creepy costumes, decorations, and battery-operated scare gadgets that we drag out every October, transforming our porch or garage into a spooktacular haunt for treat-or-treaters.

While he was young, my wife and I would have to hold him back a bit as his imagination would devise terrifying methods of scaring other kids.

“No, we aren’t going to fire up a chainsaw whenever someone rings the bell.”

“No, we can’t build a brutal axe-murder scene on the lawn.”

Once, being the sarcastic father I am, I jokingly suggested that we get a quantity of pig’s blood and pour it on people as they arrived. To my horror, he loved the idea. Stephen King, make room.

Even now that he’s a teenager, and we’ve turned over the keys to the spook house, so to speak, we still demand a thorough inspection of whatever he comes up with, just to make sure the local children won’t require therapy when he’s finished with them.

Ah well,  like any holiday, sharing the joy of it with our kids is really what it’s all about, and I’ve had nothing but fun with my little Boogeyman.


Kelly Hess is an author of YA fantasy and science fiction and all things unreal. His childhood love of reading and gaming inspired him to write as an adult. Imagining new worlds and new creatures is one of his great joys as a writer.

Kelly began his writing career after a catastrophic brain aneurysm left him unable to work at the age of thirty-eight. Since then, he’s written five novels for young adults; all of which were typed with his right hand, due to the lack of dexterity on his affected left side.

Kelly currently lives in Northern California with his wife and son, where he is busily working on his next adventure.